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The Benefits of Having a Winter Wedding

The summer and fall months have traditionally been the most popular times to get married for years. The temperate weather, the lull between holidays, and the beautiful seasonal changes such as blooming flowers or falling leaves make for the perfect time to hold a wedding. 

However, more and more couples are beginning to see the advantages of hosting their wedding during the winter months even in the snowy New England region. Let’s explore why this is. 

More Venue Availability 

Immediately after the question has been asked and the newly betrothed says, ”Yes, I’ll marry you,” comes the scramble to find all the vendors needed to make the big day become a reality. This includes the venue where you want to hold the reception and possibly the ceremony. 

Summer and early fall wedding dates usually fill up quickly and couples find that they need to change their desired date or push their wedding out another entire year in order to get the venue they want. 

Winter weddings have the advantage that venues tend to have more availability allowing the couple to choose a time and date they want. Some venues even offer specials for off-peak wedding months! 

Snowy Photo Opportunities 

Winter in New England is known for a lot of things and a beautiful snow cover is one of them. Pure white snow, if you are lucky enough to have it fall prior to your wedding day, can make for a wonderful backdrop for your pictures! 

Even if there is no snow, winter can be a beautiful time of year with blue skies and venue backdrops to make your photos pop. 

More Positive RSVPs 

Summer and fall tend to be very busy seasons with lots of weddings, BBQs, reunions, and all sorts of events. Couples often find that they receive, on average, 20% negative responses to attending the wedding during those months. 

Winter weddings, however, tend to receive far more positive responses due to the fact that winter is less hectic and busy. That is unless you plan your winter wedding around the holidays. 

Low Humidity 

One thing brides hate more than anything else is high humidity making them uncomfortable in a heavy dress or making a mess of their hair and makeup. Winter weddings, due to their timing, tend to experience low humidity levels and allow wedding party members, the bride and groom, and all the guests just that little more comfortable.

More Affordable Accommodations and Travel 

Weddings that are held during peak travel season commonly experience high prices on hotel accommodations and airfare. Winter weddings have the added advantage of lower costs for airfare and hotel accommodations.

While it is true that winter weddings can be unpredictable in terms of weather, more couples are finding that the affordability, openness of venues, stunning scenery, and lack of sweltering heat can be a huge benefit to hosting a wedding during the winter months.